The Main Street Inn is a family owned and operated motel located across the street from the historic Lyon County Court House in Yerington, Nevada. Your comfort while away from home is our primary concern. The friendly management and staff pride themselves in providing prompt and courteous service for our guests.

If Yerington is your destination for work, recreation, family visits or vacation, the following are just a few of the numerous local activities:

* Visit nearby historic sites such as Bodie, the Pony Express Trail, Fort Churchill, local cemeteries and museums, or the old Anaconda Copper mine site.

* Participate in local recreational activities such as fishing, hunting, off-roading or hiking.

* Attempt one of the hundreds of geocache power trails containing thousands of caches in the surrounding areas.

* Visit scenic wonders such as the nearby Lake Tahoe, Mammoth Lakes or Yosemite National Park.

* Tour local businesses that specialized in agricultural food production and learn about the origins of the food that appears on the shelves of your grocery stores.